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Raw results: Randy Orton ends Edge’s return prematurely with a savage steel chair attack

The Rated-R Superstar’s triumphant comeback was cut short by The Viper’s sneak attack and Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre outlines his intention to challenge Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge shocked the Universe with his Royal Rumble entrance and made a triumphant homecoming to Raw, nine years after being forced to retire.

It quickly soured when he was viciously attacked by Randy Orton, moments after The Viper labelled The Rated-R Superstar as “family”, with an RKO followed by a steel chair Con-Chair-To.

The returning Superstar was left writhing on the mat and clutching his neck, that has undergone two surgeries, and begs the question – is Edge’s return over before it even started?

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Match results

Drew McIntyre defeated Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (Handicap Match)

The Royal Rumble winner’s victory over Gallows and Anderson in an impromptu Handicap Match-slash-“Claymore Party” was overshadowed by a surprise Lesnar attack.

Having stated his intention to challenge the WWE Champion at WrestleMania, his upcoming opponent wasted no time in laying down a marker as he produced a powerful F-5.

Rey Mysterio beat MVP

Edge wasn’t the only returning Superstar at the Royal Rumble, Montel Vontavious Porter also made a brief re-emergence at the Houston, Texas, event.

The former United States Champion had slightly longer in the ring when he made his Raw comeback, losing narrowly to Mysterio but showing he has plenty left in the tank.

Kenneth Johnson lost to Aleister Black 

It looks like we’ll be seeing a very different Black in 2020, after the former NXT Champion announced he was picking a fight with the whole Raw locker room!

Having dispatched of Johnson, he announced his change of strategy and that he will no longer wait for the fight to be brought to him.

Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy defeated Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe

With The Viking Raiders ambushing AOP in the locker room, Owens and Joe knew they had a straight fight against the Raw Tag Team Champions, but it still wasn’t enough.

With Joe picking up an injury, Owens was left to battle both and despite coming close to claiming the victory, Rollins’ intervention drew KO’s attention and ultimately let Murphy steal in for the win.

Humberto Carrillo beat Andrade via disqualification

The pair met for the United States Champion for the second time in just two days and Zelina Vega’s interference meant Andrade kept his title.

Carrillo might not have taken the gold but he did inflict plenty of pain onto his rival, Hammerlock DDT’ing Andrade onto the exposed concrete to gain an ounce of revenge and send a clear message.

Asuka lost to Charlotte Flair via disqualification

With WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka insisting she would have won the Royal Rumble had she been involved, actual winner Flair didn’t take to kindly and an impromptu bout ensued.

The long-standing rivals produced counter upon counter, with neither seemingly getting the upper hand, before Kairi Sane’s intervention handed The Queen victory but not how she would have wanted.

Mojo Rawley defeated No Way Jose; R-Truth beat Rawley to win 24/7 title before Rawley defeated Truth to win it back

Rawley started the night with victory over No Way Jose, with NXT product and now his “offensive lineman” Riddick Moss on hand to help.

At the conclusion of the match, R-Truth – who had disguised himself among the conga line – pinned the champion to claim the belt but Moss made the block and allowed Rawley to win back his title!

Liv Morgan beat Lana

With Rusev and Bobby Lashley barred from ringside, Morgan finally got her hands on The Ravishing Russian and did not miss her opportunity.

She pounced with a springboard flatliner to claim the win and give, the self-proclaimed living embodiment of karma, the upper hand in the dispute.

Branden Vice lost to Erick Rowan

Normal service resumed for Rowan who dispatched of Vice, pinning him with the Iron Claw, and for a welcome change was not distracted by his mysterious pen.

Moment of the show

When Orton arrived to greet the returning Edge it seemed as though he could be proposing a Rated-RKO reunion but things quickly went south.

Move of the show

Andrade was on the receiving end of a Hammerlock DDT, as Humberto Carrillo produced the move that put him out of action for several weeks.

Quote of the show

"I got in the best shape of my life at 46-years-old, so that I could step back in here, so that I could end my career on my terms!"


Emotions were running high when the Hall of Famer returned to Raw and the moment wasn’t lost on The Rated-R Superstar or the crowd.

Picture of the show

It had to be that brutal steel chair Con-Chair-To.

How social media reacted

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