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Grand Prix Of Thailand preview and predictions: "He’ll have the world title sewn up come Sunday” – Huewen expecting Marquez to go for the kill in Buriram

Keith Huewen believes Marc Marquez will go for the kill on the Buriram International Circuit and secure a sixth world title in record time in Thailand.

The titanic predictor battle continues after BTSport.com were pegged back by the MotoGP team and it's down to Keith Huewen to see the experts edge out in front this weekend in Buriram.

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Don't forget it's 10 points for correctly predicting a rider’s position on the podium or five if they finish elsewhere in the top three.

You can watch each session from all three classes across the race weekend on TV or via live stream on the BT Sport app and BTSport.com.

Here are the overall standings after 14 rounds:

Round MotoGP team BTSport.com
Qatar 10 10
Argentina 15 10
Americas 0 0
Jerez 15 10
Le Mans 10 20
Mugello 10 20
Catalunya 10 10
Assen 15 5
Germany 20 10
Czech Republic 10 15
Austria 10 20
Great Britain 15 10
San Marino 5 15
Aragon 20 10
Total: 165 165

Predictions Round 15: Grand Prix of Thailand

Podium position MotoGP team (Edwards) BTSport.com
1st Marc Marquez Marc Marquez
2nd Alex Rins Andrea Dovizioso
3rd Andrea Dovizioso
Maverick Vinales

Why have you picked Marc Marquez first, Alex Rins second and Andrea Dovizioso third?

I've chosen Marquez to win because Honda’s going good. It’s the kind of course that will suit him and the Honda. Like everyone in broadcasting will say, he’s the default. 

He just manages to get the best out of the Honda and he’s the only man who can what he gets out of the Honda. He'll have the world title sewn up and done on Sunday.

Rins is still emerging. He had a bit of a blip recently but the Suzuki has that little bit of extra horsepower now and he goes good just about everywhere.

I’ve stuck him in too because we might have a bit of rain on Sunday and rain on Thailand is very localised. You can get a thunderstorm that throws it down a mile down the road that doesn’t touch where you are. It’s pot luck with the weather.

If it rains then Yamaha and Valentino Rossi are in with a chance but I havent’ gone for him at all.

Dovizioso works it out by the time it gets to Sunday,

In Aragon he was nowhere all weekend but by Sunday he got to where you’d expect him to. He showed what he was capable of last year, I don’t think the Ducati has made the step that the Honda and Suzuki has made but I think he’ll be threreabouts for a podium,

As we’ve only had once race here before, which manufacturers or riders do you think the track favours and why?

It's half and half. You’ve got two massive long straights from slow corners that will be Honda and Ducati territory and you’ve got squiggly-wiggly bits round the back that Yamaha were there or thereabouts with too.

Bikes are so close now, it’s not like it was even last year when Ducati was the fastest, it isn’t clear cut anymore. Quite often Honda is, Suzuki is not a million miles away but Yamaha is a way behind. They are going to need to take a step forward.

Marquez obviously on the cusp of winning the championship, he’ll want to do it in style with a win here won’t he?

Marquez has to be in front of Dovi, he must score two more points. If that’s the case – who’d bet against him? Certainly not me

With the championship so close do you expect to see any difference in tactics or approach from him?

He will go for the maximum. we’ll see everything we normally see from Marquez, maybe a tumble in free practice like you often get with him. But then he’ll back it out to take what he needs to do on Sunday. 

He’ll take the points if he can’t take it too much further and with only two points in it he just needs to be in front of Dovizioso and that’s job done.

What’s the motivation for Dovi to push to stop what is almost the inevitable? I’d say none. Dovi will be doing his own game trying to win races will he beat Marc? Don’t think so.

Marquez pipped Dovi on the final corner last year – the only time he’s done so – will that give him even more confidence than normal heading into the weekend?

This last corner here - you can get it completely wrong and you can force someone wide.

It suits the like of an opportunist like Marquez because all he does is make the turn and fire it to the line.

It’s not my favourite finish on a race track because of that. It bodes badly for Dovi who has everything calculated for the millimetre. If you have the opportunity, you have to dive up the inside and make a last-bend lunge.

Why did you pick Rins out?

The rain will create an almighty change in things. It brings the Yamahas in and Rossi in the wet weather may be able to come up with something. He’s not in my top three in this circumstance but if it rains it could be.

Rins just looks like he and the Suzuki are nearly a complete package. It’s only a matter of time come rain or shine he’ll be on the podium.

Are we getting to the stage where Rins will be a serious threat to Marquez?

He came of age when he was ready to challenge Marquez both on and off the track.

Marquez has got to know that you’re willing to do the extra bit. Because Rins isn’t in the championship race he can be the fly in the ointment because Marquez knows that Rins will push him and take a risk.

Will losing the championship this weekend change Dovi and his perspective at all heading into the last few rounds?

I genuinely don’t think it will change him. He’s working on the best he can do every weekend. He’s a consummate professional, the championship isn’t on his mind anymore.

The Ducati hasn’t quite made the step we thought it might do. There’s a lot of people already working this year on what they are planning to do next year and Dovi may well be doing that as well.

He’ll want to get second sewn up but everyone’s thinking it’s only a matter of time and it’s the quickest Marquez will have wrapped things up.

Does stopping Marquez winning this early matter to Dovi?

He’ll be disappointed he wasn’t able to make the step from last year.

Last year he was a contender but this year he’s just filled in the gaps. He will be working towards minimising that deficit when we get to next year. Dovi will go out for a win – if he can get it – they will try their best to not give all the glory to Marc.