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Grand Prix Of Aragon preview and predictions: ‘He’s going to smoke them!’ – Edwards is expecting another Marquez masterclass

Colin Edwards can’t see anyone stopping Marc Marquez from topping the podium for a fourth successive year in Aragon, with the championship leader closing in on another world title.

The titanic predictor battle hots up once again after BTSport.com opened up a 10-point lead over the MotoGP team and it's down to Colin Edwards to reduce that advantage this weekend.

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Don't forget it's 10 points for correctly predicting a rider’s position on the podium or five if they finish elsewhere in the top three.

You can watch each session from all three classes across the race weekend on TV or via live stream on the BT Sport app and BTSport.com.

Here are the overall standings after 13 rounds:

Round MotoGP team BTSport.com
Qatar 10 10
Argentina 15 10
Americas 0 0
Jerez 15 10
Le Mans 10 20
Mugello 10 20
Catalunya 10 10
Assen 15 5
Germany 20 10
Czech Republic 10 15
Austria 10 20
Great Britain 15 10
San Marino 5 15
Total: 145 155

There's only one winner we can see and that's Marc Marquez but we expect another Spainard in the shape of Maverick Vinales to run him close and be joined by rookie sensation Fabio Quartararo. What about you?

“In the last few years Marquez has been kind of unstoppable around here and after what we saw in Misano, I don’t see anyone really challenging him this weekend either.

“If anything I think that win will give him more confidence because he did to Quartararo, what Dovi [Andrea Dovizioso] and [Alex] Rins had done to him.

“In short, he’s going to smoke them if you ask me!

“It’s a fast track here and that’s what Ducati need, and Dovizioso hasn’t had the best couple of weekends lately so it might be what he needs to get him out of this slump.

“I almost said Quartararo but I’m going for Vinales because we saw again last weekend that he can run the lap times to compete but he just needs to be a bit more aggressive in the early laps.”

Predictions Round 14: Grand Prix of Aragon

Podium position MotoGP team (Edwards) BTSport.com
1st Marc Marquez Marc Marquez
2nd Andrea Dovizioso Maverick Vinales
3rd Maverick Vinales
Fabio Quartararo

This is another of the ‘Marquez tracks’ where as you say he looks almost unbeatable at times. Why does this circuit suit him so much?

“To start it’s another of the left-handed tracks and we know he goes well at them but the difference is this year that we’ve seen the Honda has the speed.

“So in those long straights he’ll be quicker than he’s been in the past, coupled with that improved acceleration.

“The bike has basically come up to help him out because in the past he’s won championships on a machine we didn’t think was the fastest, but now we know it’s pretty quick too so that just makes it that much easier for him.”

If results go his way here, there’s a chance Marquez can win the title in Thailand. Do you think that will be playing on his mind?

“Honestly I don’t see him thinking about it.

“His aim is obviously to win the championship and the sooner the better but I don’t think he’ll be worried about when or how he does it really.

“He just wants to win each weekend and he knows the other guys will keep pushing him so I think he’ll be going out there to win every race for the rest of the year and at some point he’ll seal the championship too.”

Aragon hasn’t always been a favourable track for Ducati, what makes you confident Dovi can claim a podium this time around?

“I’m not confident! Honestly, I’m not.

“Even in his last press conference he said he doesn’t really like left handed tracks – so I don’t know why I picked him!

“But he just needs to do something, that’s the only reason I’m confident he’ll be up there. Dovi is a very methodical technician so he’ll get the bike set up as well as he can and hopefully compete.”

What do you think Dovi’s mindset will be coming to a track that Marquez is known to be especially strong at? Does he just focus on beating everyone else rather than trying to take the victory?

“No, all the top guys have the attitude that they’re going there to win. You can’t really pay attention to Marquez’s record, you just have to focus on yourself.

“In the back of your head, sure, you might know it’s going to take something special to beat Marquez here because of his record but that’s it.”

Vinales has produced back-to-back podiums in his last two outings, is this what you expected to see all season?

“Yeah I think so. I think another couple of laps in Silverstone and he would have been competing for the win and he was impressive again last weekend.

“Obviously they had a lot of trouble with the bike last year but Quartararo has come in and shown that the bike is capable.

“So there’s been a little less… moaning – that’s the word I’m looking for – and now he’s just getting on with his job.”

Does his and Yamaha’s recent progress give you confidence they can compete with Marquez for the championship next year?

“I want to say yes because we all know Vinales is a talent but I don’t know if Yamaha, bike wise, can bring enough to the table.

“There are a number of things they need to improve on in order for Vinales to be able to compete every weekend and the issues have been there for a number of years.

“Even when I was there it was the same story, we never had the fastest bike but it would turn! If you can get the holeshot you’re ok, but if you can’t you’re screwed.

“Suzuki are in the same boat and both manufacturers are obviously trying but at the moment they can’t get to the same levels.”